Breathing worse after septoplasty, turbinate reduction and adnoidectmy

I had those surgeries over a year ago and I still have difficulty breathing and whistling in my nose congestion etc. and I can feel my septum is almost closed on the left but that is usually the only side I can breathe from what could be causing this?

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Difficulty breathing one year after septoplasty, turbinate reduction and adnoidectmy

The whistling can be a sign of a perforation in the septum.  You need to come in and be examined. Difficulty breathing can be caused by swelling of the soft tissues on turbinates usually from allergies, airway obstruction from a deviated septum, fractured nasal bones, polyps or large bony prominences from the turbinates. Soft tissue swelling can be treated by reducing exposure to allergens, and medications such as antihistamines and steroids. The other listed problems need to be addressed surgically. Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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Breathing worse after nasal surgery performed one year ago

I would discuss these concerns with my surgeon.  He can look into your nose to determine possible causes such as adhesions, debris or any other causes.  
it is important to have you nose re-examinded.  A secondary procedure may benefit you.

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Trouble breathing after septoplasty

The only way to know what is blocking your breathing is to have your nose examined.  Whistling sometimes can indicate the presence of a perforation, or hole, in your septum.  This can result from septoplasty surgery.  Allergies may be a factor as well.

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