I have broken the veneer on my front tooth. It's a clean break and I have the piece in whole. Can I super glue it on? (photos)

Can I super glue the piece of veneer back on to my tooth or is is best to wait and try and see a dentist to see if they can hopefully reattach it without having a new veneer? I still have the broken piece fully intact as it was a clean break. I'm worried to use superglue as it may effect the dentists work... I'm really trying to avoid a new veneer for now!! HELP!

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Options for fractured veneer #DrSoftTouch

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No type of household glue will properly fix your fractured veneer. It may be possible to patch the area where the veneer fractured, but this would only be temporary. I would recommend having the veneer replaced sooner rather than later. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation as soon as possible to have the problem remedied. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

I would not recommend using super glue

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Sorry to hear about your situation.  If the veneer completely came off, you will be able to cement it back in.  However by looking at your picture, it seems that a piece of the veneer fractured off.  It would be difficult to cement that piece back on.  If you are not concerned about aesthetics, you can put composite to patch it.  If you are concerned about aesthetics, you will have to redo your veneer.  In either case, I would NOT recommend that you super glue the fragment on.  You should go see your dentist at your earliest convenience.

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

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