Can Wisdom Tooth Extraction Affect Chin Implants?

Hi, I am planning to get my bottom and upper wisdom teeth extracted. Could this in any way effect chin implants ?

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Wisdom teeth extraction and chin implant--concern?

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Since wisdom teeth  are in the back of your mandible (jawbone), and a well-healed chin implant is at the very front of your jawbone, direct contamination by your dentist or oral surgeon is unlikely, especially if you let him or her know beforehand. Bacterial seeding from a distant source is possible, but only if the bacterial exposure coincides with a (minor) injury to the otherwise well-healed tissues around you chin implant. This is always possible, so I do generally recommend a dose or two of antibiotics the night before and an hour or two before dental care (including wisdom) teeth removal Either your dentist, oral surgeon, or your chin implant surgeon can prescribe these antibiotics. I would anticipate a majority will even say they are unnecessary, but although I am in the minority here, 50 cents worth of antibiotic won't break the bank, cause resistant bacteria to develop, or have significant risk of any side effect. And if the implant does somehow get infected, it's a much bigger deal to fix the problem! Good question!

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Oral surgery wisdom teeth extraction with chin implant

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Any wound in a colonized field has a potential to cause bacteremic seeding of remote implants. Occasionally nerve blocks may be performed in the region of the chin implant and your surgeon should be made aware to avoid damaging the implant.

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