Wisdom Teeth Have Caused Bottom Front Teeth to Overcrowd. How to Fix? (photo)

I think my wisdom teeth have caused my lower front teeth to overcrowd. If you can see the pic, one of them has created its own back row. Its neighbors overlap it to the front side. The renegade is also pushing higher like Mt Everest and pointing more and more toward the back of my mouth. I'd rather have a front tooth pulled than a wisdom tooth, I think. The other 3 front teeth are starting to move all over now too. Do I need an orthodontist? Can I have this tooth pulled rather than years of braces?

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Crowded teeth

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The treatment will depend if you want braces  ,invisalign or not, some patients do not want to struggle with this long time proceedures, and they just want a quick solution, there several options if this is your case, braces, or other type of orthodontic, treatments, will take at least 1 year, other options, just 12 days.

Crowding lower teeth

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There is still much debate on whether or not wisdom teeth actually cause crowding of the lower front teeth as we still see it even once the wisdom teeth are removed. That said, there are several ways to treat the crowding. If you simply extract the tooth you will be left with a space that I presume you would want closed. The first thing to do is to see an orthodontist or a general dentist who does orthodontics.

Neil Elman, DDS
Mississauga Dentist

Teeth Crowding Due To Wisdom Teeth Eruption

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The best long term solution will be to extract the wisdom teeth, then have an orthodontic consultation.  Full bracket orthodontics will give you the most predictable result aesthetically and align your teeth into the most ideal occlusion (bite) possible.  Good luck. 

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Straightening crowded front teeth.

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Based on this one photo it does appear that best option is to pull that tooth and use the space to straighten the remaining teeth.  The straightening can be accomplished with invisalign or conventional braces.  Have a consultation with an orthodontist or general dentist experienced in invisalign and conventional orthodontic treatment.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

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