Dental Implants 4 Years After Tooth Removal?

At 22 I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. 4 Years ago (age of 41), the dentist removed all four 2nd molars (so now 8 teeth are gone) as he said there were large pockets and they needed to be removed. At the age of 45, I see hollows in my cheeks right where my back teeth used to be - and am concerned this is just going to get worse and worse as I age. My question is can I get implants to replace at least the 4 2nd Molars that were removed 4 years ago or has too much time gone by?

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Dental Implants For Missing Molar Teeth

No, Too much time has not gone by.  The only issue is that you may have some bone loss where the teeth were removed.  This may necessitate some bone grafting procedures either at the time of implant placement or prior to implant placement.  This may include sinus lift bone grafts for the upper teeth as well. There needs to be adequate bone width as well as height below the sinus floor on the top jaw and above the nerve on the lower jaw. The recommended plan would be to have a Cone Beam CT Scan done which is a 3D radiograph (low radiation) to determine exactly what needs to be done

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Can Implants Be Done 4 Years After Teeth Were Removed

The amount of time that has passed does not matter for implant placement.  What is critical is if there is adequate bone present in the sites to support an implant. I would suggest a 3D cone beam image of the areas to best evaluate the amount of bone present, position of the main nerve in the lower jaw, and the position of the sinus in the upper jaw.  If inadequate bone is present grafting may be an option.

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Dental implant placement 4 years after removal

You still can place the implants no matter how many years have been extracted the teeth.


one of the most important factors its the periodontal bone and the sinus on upper jaw (maxilla), for the upper molars you have to make it as soon as posible to avoid the sinus drop because the ausence of the molar,  if you stay much time without your upper molars the sinus level will drop and you will need an additional sinus lift+bone graft + implant.


The most urgent in your case its to place the maxilla implants.



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Dental Implants 4 Years After Tooth Removal

There is no reason why implants cannot be done.  If there is not enough bone, a bone graft can be done to support the implants

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