My supra alar crease is becoming defined on one side of the nose (Photo)

Hi, I'm really concerned about how my nose is changing shape suddenly even though i have not had any rhinoplasty before or any filler to my nose, its all natural and suddenly changing shape. My nose is becoming very pointy and the supra alar crease on one side of my nose is becoming more defined and vertical on one side only. Can fillers correct this issue? Can this happen due to the presence of a bump inside my nose possibly?

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Filler may help

Thanks for the questions and the photos! It is not uncommon for people's noses to change with aging. It is unlikely that the bump in your nose is causing the changes you're seeing externally. It is very important before doing anything to your nose that you see a surgeon who performs both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasties. Fillers work by adding volume to areas (depressions) or changing the way light reflects off of the nose, giving the illusion that something is changed. In my opinion, if you are unhappy with the way your nose looks, go see a rhinoplasty surgeon for evaluation and communicate to them your concerns. A little filler can make a huge difference! Best of luck in your area!

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My supra alar crease is becoming defined on one side of the nose

Hello rando.albayati - Thanks for your question.  Yes, injectible filler can be used to correct or improve the issue.  I doubt the bump inside your nose is the issue but an exam by a rhinoplasty specialist would be helpful to be sure. Good luck, Dr. Shah

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