I am scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy and the surgeon is recommending LMA over Endo since I had a bronchospasm before.

Are LMA's safe and approximately how long does a bilateral mastectomy take? I'm afraid to do reconstruction because I only want the one surgery.

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LMA is safe as long as no paralysis is required for the procedure. Usually mastectomy without reconstruction can be done with either LMA or endotracheal intubation. I support your decision to avoid reconstruction, however there are one stage reconstructive options for many patients which would only require one operation. Be sure to consult with a plastic surgeon regarding this option in your case before you proceed with mastectomy. The fact that you had bronchospasm in the past requires careful anesthesia but endotracheal intubation (a tube down your throat) is generally the safest option in high risk patients. Get a preop anesthesia consultation so that you and your anesthesiologist make the safest choice for you. Good luck and take care.

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