Extra skin after mastectomy. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time. I didn't need expanders thank goodness. I went with the same size breast I initially had and 1 breast has more skin left then the other. It's starting to feel raw as my arm rubes against the extra skin. I'm thinking of going back for another surgery to fix it. It has been 7 months since the first surgery. My dr says its swelling and tells me to massage it but I know it's not the answer. I'm not sure what to do anyone help?

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Underarm fullness after mastectomy

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This is a common complaint among some patients who have had mastectomies. Some even call it "angel wings"! The best bet is to ask your doctor for revision vs simply liposuctioning the area to reduce fullness. 

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Post mastectomy extra skin

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It is difficult to tell by the picture, but even with "one stage" reconstruction using implants, sometimes revisional surgery may be required. If the size or shape of your new breast bothers you - either cosmetically or as in your case physically, please talk to your plastic surgeon about it. If you feel that your doctor is not addressing your concerns, seek a second opinion. The implant may have slipped laterally so it rubs your arm, you may have capsule contracture or perhaps you need some reshaping of the area. It is possible to remove extra skin through a inframammary incision by extending it laterally which should have a great cosmetic look.Check it out. All doctors want their patient s to be happy.

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