Is this necrosis? I had a bilateral mastectomy July1, 2016. (photos)

When I went back for a follow-up, my plastic surgeon said there was a flap of skin he was concerned about. However, after my second follow up and the removal of two of my four JP tubes and bulbs he said that it was looking better. The area now has an odor and has a burning sensation from time to time. The surgeon closed early today so I couldn't call him with my concerns. I am afraid I have an infection and am wondering if I need to call the on all MD.

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Concerns after mastectomy

I'm wondering if there are expanders or implants in place - or any additional material like Alloderm or ADM (acellular dermal matrix - the "tissue fabric" that some people place to cover and support an implant)? Are you having any other symptoms like fever, chills, body aches, or pain? Is there a "sloshing" sensation or concern of re-accumulation of fluid now that the drains are out? these questions would be helpful to know if there is concern for infection.

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Concerns following breast reconstruction surgery

In the photographs, I don't see any evidence of skin necrosis. There is some delayed healing and perhaps a small amount of wound separation and discharge. I'm concerned that you have noticed a foul smell. I think you should contact your surgeon, or the surgeon 'on call' so that you can be evaluated in more detail. Good luck!

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