What can I do about my seroma?

5 weeks after right sided mastectomy with sentinal lymph node removal I have a seroma which my doctors do not want to aspirate. It is not huge but uncomfortable and sore. How long can I expect to keep this and is there anything I can do to help it go away?

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Seroma management

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Hmmm- why won't they consider aspiration if you are uncomfortable? It's safe and easy, and that procedure is really not taxing on a system like the NHS system... (it's quick and doesn't require costly instruments or highly trained staff...) 

In the meantime, some compression on the area (not too much, you shouldn't be in pain) may help somewhat. Ensuring you have good nutrition to allow your inner surfaces to heal is always a good idea (low sugar, high protein, vitamin C), and avoiding too much salt or water is not a bad idea either? 

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