How long until the facial pain subsides after septoplasty?

I had my septoplasty done on 05/10/2017. The first 5 days were hell! I had my splints removed yesterday and have been doing everything the doctor told me to do. I'm having serious facial pain in my cheeks, like pressure. Also have jaw pain as well as dental pain. I am unable to take the narcotics they gave me because it causes severe migraines. I have been limited to only Tylenol and ibuprofen. My nose doesn't really hurt it's just a little tender.

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Facial Pain After Septoplasty

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Thank you for your question.  Some facial pain, particularly around the upper front teeth, is expected after surgery and will resolve with time.  However, there is a risk of sinus infection after nasal airway surgery which can present with facial pain.  I recommend reaching out to your surgeon to discuss your concerns and determine best next steps.  Hope that helps, I hope you feel better soon!

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