2 weeks post op Bellafill, any suggestions?

I got bellafil 2 weeks ago in my mid face, 2 vial each side, to fill out hollow area, below cheekbones, now I have a chipmunk face, no cheekbones, no jawbone visible, just fat round face? I am 53 and athletic. MY body is well defined and my face is fat as heck, Is there anything I can do?? I am all Jowl..and it hurts to run, face bounces and heavy?? Nancy G

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Swelling after Bellafill, will my cheeks stay like a chipmunk?

It takes time to settle down from the injection. I would wait it out. The end result will be less that what you see right now. You have to wait for the swelling to subside and the collagen to be absorbed. The stimulate collagen should come in more naturally. 

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Bellafill for the Cheeks

Any time one has an injection there is swelling. I inform all of my patients that they can expect swelling for at least 3 days and often 14 days or more in some cases. This is especially true if a needle was used rather than a micro-cannula. If you consider the amount of filler used in you, it is not much and you should have a great result in time. Be patient.

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I am sorry to hear that you have not had a smooth experience with Bellafill. The amount that you had injected should create nice changes and nothing as dramatic as described so I have to assume that you may be having much more swelling than the average person experiences. Of course this should decrease substantially over time. You should also talk to your doctor about the overall time course of Bellafill. It does seem to diminish at a certain point and then the volume effects increase again as your body produces collagen. I have many very happy patients with Bellafill and nothing else delivers the same long lasting effects. Hopefully your doctor can counsel through this initial period and make sure that you are happy in the end. 

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Recovery after Bellafill treatment

The appearance of your face 2 weeks after your Bellafill treatment will not be your final result.  The product is a stimulating agent that can take at least a month (and sometimes longer) to work.  I would just continue to wait a few more weeks and reassess your appearance.  If you have any concern at that time, you should contact the physician who treated you.  

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