I Have a Wide Neck. Please Advise? (photo)

Not fat, I don't need a neck lift. I need the muscles to relax. I've done Yoga, chiropractic, massage. I can't seem to create the definition. Most people have a neck and shoulders, I have one diagonal line from my ear to the edge of my shoulders. not sure how to find a specialist for this.

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Wide neck

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It is hard to tell from your photo, but it appears that you may get your results by reducing your trapezius and/or platysmal muscles. This can be done with BOTOX. Seek out a board-certified Facial Plastic surgeon for a consultation. Best wishes

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Structure of neck muscles difficult to change

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Based on your picture, I don't think there are any surgical options. I don't think you have a wide neck. The muscles slope a little more quickly from the side, which might be giving it that look. Also, the longer a neck is, the more narrow it will appear. You don't appear to have a really short neck, but it is probably related to the length more than the width.

You look thin and attractive. It is likely that nobody but you really notices this as a negative feature. I would focus on your positives and not be so hard on yourself. This often is the best option.

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