Gummy Smile After Botox to Freeze Upper Lip? (photo)

I went for Botox to numb my upper lips in Dallas.she is skin care MD n offers Botox treatments too.she put 7.5 units of Botox on three points .1 in middle n 2 on both sides of my upper lips.said I gonna see result s in 3 days. But nothing real works .my smile is still like before.most of the docs here said 4 units is good . Now I m confuse should i go back again to the same 1 for more or concern other doc.

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To Fix Gummy Smile, your injector didn't do the correct placement

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You need to inject in the area where the lower lateral part of the nose (alae) meets the face to hit the levators of the lip.  It seems the injection was more for lip lines than for gummy smile.  I'd go to another physician who understands the injection point.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Sugeon

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Botox for "Gummy" smile

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There are specific lip elevator muscles that cause gingival show and can be targetted specifically with neuromodulator injection for correction.  "Yonsei point" is a triangle formed by the vectors of the 3 lip elevator muscles (ie, levator labii superioris [LLS], levator labii superioris alaeque nasi [LLSAN], and zygomaticus minor [ZMi]). Injection of this point with BTX-A may be an effective treatment alternative for patients with excessive gingival display caused by hyperactive lip elevator muscles. The experience and skill of the injector will likely be reflected in the success of the procedure. Over injection may cause upper lip drooping.I recommend finding an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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Gummy Smile After Botox to Freeze Upper Lip?

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Using BOTOX for "gummy" smile correction is not an easy task. Sounds like the amounts of units used is on the high side, if you are correct about that #. Or the BOTOX was to diluted or out of date. Best to return to original injecting doc to discuss. Than YOU decide if you need an other doc or not.//

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