Tooth Bonding on Front Teeth Discolors Easily, What Can I Do For This?

I have bonding on 6 of my front teeth. For the most part, I am happy with the look, but the bonding discolors easily. I have tried sticking to light colored beverages and applying petroleum jelly to them before I drink coffee or red wine, but this is so inconvenient and I still get some discoloration. Is there a way to prevent the darkening or to lighten them at home once the discoloration occurs? Do you recommend veneers instead? Thank you.

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Bonding does stain more easily than porcelain veneers

One of the weaknesses of direct bonding is that it can discolour.  The newer materials are much more stain resistant than older materials.  If your bonding was done many years ago this may be part of the problem.  When resin is cured with a curing light it does not fully polymerize.  This means that there are still uncured portions in the resin which render it more porous so that it can more easily become stained.  Another reason it discolours is the chemistry of the filling materials which allow it to yellow more with time.  Finally, it is important for the dentist to polish the resin very well once the bonding is placed.  This makes it more cleansable and more stain resistant. 

It sounds like you eat a very clean diet and take a lot of care to prevent staining.

Porcelain is much denser material and very stain resistant.

I would recommend that you speak with your dentist about this problem you are having and see if he can offer a solution.

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Bonding and Discoloration

There are two options to think about here: 1. Have your 6 teeth rebonded. You did not mention how long the bonds have been in place. If they are old, you can choose to have them redone and make sure your dentist polishes them so they will be more stain resistant.  Bonds last a long time and are very inexpensive compared to porcelain veneers which are extremely stain resistant. 2. You can have your 6 bonds replaced with porcelain veneers, which is the best choice esthetically for you.  They are much more expensive but should give you many years with a beautiful white natural smile.  It all depends on the time and money you are willing to invest in your dental treatment.

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What Can Be Done for Tooth Bonding That Discolors?

Bonding is a great cosmetic dentistry service. It can be quick, moderate in cost and make an amazing change in one appointment. Sometimes, you don't even need to be numb!

Bonding that is over 10 years old may continue to discolor easily. If you are needing to change your lifestyle this much to minimize staining, it's time to do something.

I've had patients who had old bonding, that just need it re-polished and sealed. That can make you much more stain resistant. Sometimes old bonding loses its adhesion, and the edges will continually collect stains. You may be at this point.

You may need the old bonding removed and replaced. New bonding can be extremely stain resistant.

If you really want a maintenance-free solution, then you may want to consider porcelain veneers.


Tooth bonding stain, what are my options

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having regarding your bondings that were done.  Based on what you are saying your better option may be veneers.  Veneers do not stain at all and they last a lot longer than bonding would.  Talk to your dentist and find out what your options are.  Good luck

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