Composite Bonding Restoration, How Long Until It Starts Feeling Normal?

I recently broke two front teeth (about 1/2 of a central incisor and lateral incisor). My dentist performed an amazing composite bonding restoration and they look good as new. However, they still feel somewhat unnatural and I would like to know how long this feeling will last? It has been two weeks since the incident and the restoration. Thank you in advance!

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How long before bonding feels natural.

There are a variety of ways to polish bonding.  Some people are more sensitive to the texture of bonding than other people.  A dentist should have a variety of polishing points and pastes available to refine the surface texture to a finish that feels natural.  Nature may take months and even years to achieve a polish that a dentist can provide in minutes.

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How long till they feel normal?

If you have ever had braces you probably remember how weird they felt when they were first placed.  It took a while to adapt and get used to the brackets on your teeth, but it happened.  Also, when you have the brackets removed when your braces are done, again, it probably felt weird, like something was missing and there was an odd void between your lip and teeth.

You are capable of adapting to the different tooth shape/size.  However, if there is something about them that is bothering you, length, thickness/bulkiness, then let your dentist know so they can best help you get comfortable.  

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Trauma and Bonding

I am glad to hear you had such a great result with the bonding. Normally it is hard to get a goot match.  Bonding doesnt last as long as porcelain veneers.  It has a tendancy to chip or break or discolor because it is relatively weak and porous.  If you have medical insurance you should consider getting the veneers done now.  Most good medical insurance plans will pay for them if the damage is a result of an accident.  It you fell down or got hit by a baseball accidentally then that would be considered an acident.  You can get the treament covered by your insurance company.  In fact, dental insurance doesn't cover treatment that is the result of anaccident and therefore you must defer to your medical plan.  COntact your carrier.  Many dentists don't know how to deal with medical Insurance.  You may have to find one that can.


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Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a great form of treatment for fractured teeth, but the size of the fracture will make a difference in the prognosis of the restoration. For large-sized fractures, such as yours, it would be better to place veneers rather than dental bonding.  Veneers are stronger than composite bonding and last longer. 

If your bondings don't feel normal, it may be because they are close to your nerve.  You should follow up with your dentist.  Also, be careful not to bite into hard foods with your front teeth.  All the best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

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Natural feeling bonding is a challenge

It is possible that you will simply need to adapt.  If the bonding feels bulky, then it will always feel bulky.  If they don't feel smooth like enamel, they may never get smoother.  This feeling is one of the reasons bonding is considered inferior to porcelain veneers.

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Composite Restorations

Typically it would be safe to expect your new composite restorations to feel normal within a week or two.  If it has been longer than that, it may be a good idea to re-visit your Dentist and have them polished or adjusted.

Bonding feels unnatural

I am sorry about the broken front teeth but I am glad you decided on bonding since it preserves the natural structure of the tooth and there is very little reduction. Also I am glad that they look so natural and you are happy .  If they FEEL unnatural and it has been two weeks since the procedure, I would call your dentist and set up an appointment to find out what is wrong. Sometimes when teeth are bonded  they feel as little rough here and there and maybe the roughness can be smoothed out or your bite could be a little off .  You did not mention that you were in any pain so I will not address nerve trauma from what ever caused your teeth to break.  My suggestion is go back to your dentist and sort this out with him...I am assured he can make this work for you!

Will my composite feel natural?

This is an excellent choice for replacing missing tooth structure. The dental bonding procedure helps maintain the existing tooth structure in its natural state with minimal reduction. Sometimes after the restoration is placed the composite material may feel somewhat different. Sometimes simple polishing can correct this problem. If the tooth feels unnatural do to the trauma then that should be evaluated and treated by the dentist.  Sometimes the nerve and surrounding periodontal tissues are damage in trauma and the tooth feel differently for an unknown period of time.  I would recommend a 3, 6, 12 month followup.

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Bonding for Broken Teeth

The real question that needs to be answered is if the bonding feels unnatural or if it is the tooth that feels funny.

If the tooth feels tender or tingly it might be a nerve issue requiring a root canal.  If the bonding feels different, perhaps it is not smooth enough or too thick or a different shape then your natural tooth was.  These are variables that can easily be corrected.  

The fact that you mentioned they look great is a testament to the esthetic skills of your dentists.  I suggest to talk to your dentist about this situation.


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Tooth Bonding Feels Unnatural

First of all, congratulations on chosing an excellent procedure, bonding, to improve your smile.  For most patients, I would say that 2 weeks is  a reasonable time for your lips, tongue and bite to adjust to a new bonding.  If it still feels unnatural, it could be something as simple as needing a slight adjustment to the bite or length of the bonding.  The best advice is to ask the dentist if you could have a follow-up appointment to check if any slight adjustments are needed.  I'm happy that you like the appearance and don't worry it sounds like it is a minor fix if needed.

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