When Doing the Exilis Therapy, Is it Normale to use Baby Oil as a Conductor?

When doing the Exilis treatment under my chin the doctor used baby oil as a conductor and it really got hot. Would it work better if an ultrasound type gel was used instead???

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Baby Oil Works Best

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We've tried it both ways and the best results are with the baby oil. We thought that ultrasound gel might make it  a little less messy but it really makes the treatment more difficult because the U/S gel tends to dry out and "pill". In order to maintain the proper temperature for the recommended period (necessary for optimal results), we have found that baby oil really does work the best.

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Exilis and baby oil as conductor.

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Ultrasonic gel may indeed give you a more comfortable experience, but baby oil is perfectly fine as well.

Unless, of course, it allows more heat and discomfort with your treatments. Ask your doctor about ultrasonic gel instead of oil in this sensitive area, or simply ask that the energy be turned down a bit for improved comfort. Warm is good; hot is not! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Baby Oil for Exilis Treatments

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Thank you for your question. Exilis is great for under the chin, however, because of the thin nature of the skin on the neck and chin area, a patient will more than likely feel heat much more than when Exilis is performed on other areas of the body with more tissue. Baby oil is great to use, however, for any area that that has such thin tissue like the chin and neck, a gel is preferred. Use of an oil in these areas tends to get very hot for a patient, and sometimes intolerable. We use a gel on this area for our patients to feel as comfortable as possible and to obtain optimal results. I hope this helps.

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