Is Exilis Helpful in Reducing Lines Around the Perioral Region?

What is your overall opinion on this device for facial tightening? Thank you.

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Exilis for lip lines

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Exilis down not work for fine lines around the lips. There are other options that are better such as fillers or micro needli

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Lines around the mouth need different procedure than tightening

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If you think about "why" lines appear around the mouth, you'll get a better sense of what will or won't work.

Lines in the perioral region generally start showing up as you get older - usually late 40s' and beyond. There can be the single reason of lost volume or the dual reason of lost volume and pursing - where one tends to purse the lips when speaking or concentrating. (If you watch yourself talk in front of a mirror you can see if you tend to purse your lips when you speak.)

Since the problem is basically volume loss and collagen breakdown, the two most advantageous procedures for perioral lines are laser and/or fillers.

The lasers will cause some collagen reorganization and the fillers will replace some of the lost volume (which comes from fat loss, collagen breakdown and even bone loss).

As to Exilis helping with perioral lines - you "might" see some softening, but you'll see much more impact from laser resurfacing and/or fillers as these address the problem in a more direct way.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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