When Should You Use an Essix Retainer for Missing Teeth?

I had lost two molars, one on each side, years ago and my dentist at the time put a spacer in. Ten years later it breaks. My new dentist try to re-cement but it did not work. Now I have a Essix retainer. I find it very cumbersome and uncomfortable, but will use it until I can afford implants. Is it okay to wear the retainer only at night or should I wear it all the time as my dentist said?

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Essix Retainer For Night Wear Only

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I would not have a problem with you wearing your Essix retainer only at night.  This will be enough to keep your remaining teeth from moving and closing the spaces.  That being said, I would try to get your implants as soon as you can to replace those missing molars.  The longer that you go without those teeth the more likely you are to have bone loss in those area.  Good luck.  

Essix retainer

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For adult patients Essix retainer can be worn only during the night. It will be highly recommended to replace missing molars with the implant-supported restorations in order to prevent the extrusion of the opposing teeth.

Essix Retainer to replace molars

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I would not recommend an essix retainer to replace molar teeth but it should be OK to wear only in the evening. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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