When is Dry Socket No Longer a Risk After Having Teeth Pulled?

I had my two top wisdom teeth and one bottom wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago. I haven't had any discomfort or pain but I am still paranoid.

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"No News IS Good News" for Dry Socket!

A dry socket following a dental extraction generally occurs early in the healing process. It is a very painful disruption of the blood clot in the bony socket, which is the primary stage of healing and occurs very soon after the first 24 hours of surgery creating a delay of the normal healing process. From what you describe, "no news is good news" five days along in the healing process.You oral surgeon should have also scheduled a post operative exam to check how your healing is progressing as well.

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Dry Socket Risk

If you haven't had any pain yet, you are probably safe from a dry socket. If you are that paranoid, then visit the surgeon and let him see how the healing is going.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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