Is It Normal to See the Knot From My Dissolvable Stitch After Having My Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

I am only 1 week post-op and all seems to be healing well, but I've had a constant ache in a localized spot. I took a closer look at the area today and noticed a knot from the dissolvable sutures was causing an irritation. Will this just go away or should I try and pull on the knot or cut it?

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Sutures can take longer to dissolve

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It can take longer than 1 week for the stitches to dissolve.  Don't worry about that.  If you find it uncomfortable, then I would recommend that you call the surgeon that removed your teeth and have him look at the area and remove the suture if necessary. 

Toronto Dentist

Dissolvable suture after extraction

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Sometimes the suture takes more than a week to dissolve. Often times, the part of the suture that is inside your tissue dissolves and then the rest that is on the outside including the knot just falls off.  If you can give it a gentle tug and the knot comes right out without any discomfort, it is probably okay.  If not, then I would wait a little longer.

Gordon Chee, DDS
Calgary Dentist

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