What Needs to Be Done First, Removing the Wisdom Teeth or Repair of Dental Fillings?

Required repair of dental filling on molares teeth (the upper part). Next teeth is wisdom also in (the upper part) witch needs to be removed.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions and Dental Fillings Done Together

In my office we would perform all of the procedures at the same time.  There is no reason to put you through multiple appointments when one visit is suffice.  We would replace the fillings on the molars and following that extract the wisdom tooth.  Hope this helps.

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Which Comes First?

You did not mention the reason your dentist wants to remove the wisdom tooth...if you have gross decay or infection, I think that would take precedence or priority over repairing older fillings. If there is nothing wrong with your wisdom tooth, why does he want to extract it? I need more information before I can help you, but I would start with what hurts, or is infected or what has decay.  Take good care!

Remove Wisdom Tooth or Repair Fillings First?

The wisdom tooth only needs to be removed first if it is in the way of proper filling of the adjacent tooth. Otherwise, it can be removed after.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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