What is PermaLip Lip Augmentation?

seeking fuller lips. tired of injections that dont last. what is permalip, is it safe, how much does it cost?

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What Is PermaLip?

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PermaLip is a brand of lip implant. Though implants are removable, you may want to consider fat transfer instead of implants or injectables just because it is somewhat less invasive. However, if you are interested in the lip implant, be sure you seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Also, your doctor should be able to advise you as to whether you would be a good candidate for implants or fat transfer.

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PermaLip is a great investment

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Permalip™ is made of very soft, solid silicone which is tapered at each end to match the natural shape of the lips.
The implants cannot leak or rupture, and come in a variety of sizes (9 in total) depending on the amount of lip augmentation required.

How does it work?
The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic.
The implants are inserted via two small, 4mm incisions at the corner of the mouth on the upper and low lips. The implant is then passed through a tunnel created in the lip and centred; the incisions are then stitched closed with absorbable sutures.

Is it temporary or permanent?
Although Permalip™ is designed to be a permanent lip enhancement, it can be easily reversed by implant removal, due to the smooth surface of the implant.
This surface, which consists of a proprietary coating to avoid the silicone coming in direct contact with the body, stops tissue in-growth into the implant and reduces the development of excess scar tissue..

Reported side effects
Patients should expect their lips to swell post-operatively quite disproportionately to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, with swelling lasting for 3 – 4 days and bruising for 7 – 8 days. Lips will still be sensitive to pressure for about 2 weeks.
This may cause difficulties with speaking, smiling, eating and drinking for a short time.
Potential risks include scarring (at the insertion points), which should fade over time, and infection.
Post-operative advice includes the taking of anti-biotic and anti-viral medication to avoid any potential infection and foreign body reactions. 

Cost of treatment
Costs for Permalip™ treatment can range from approximately $3000-$4000

Permalip Implants

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I recommend trying injectable fillers at least once before undergoing a permanent lip augmentation.  It is important that you really like the look of fuller lips on yourself before you commit to a permanent enhancement.  I like the Permalip implant, it looks really natural, even on older women.  It's easy to place and easy to remove should you decide to have them out or want to change the size of your implant.  I find my patients uniformly love the look once the swelling subsides.  I'm also told that, with time, they feel completely normal.

Jenifer L. Henderson, MD
Silverdale Facial Plastic Surgeon

What exactly is PermaLip Lip Augmentation?

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The PermaLip Implant offers a permanent alternative to repetitive, costly, and painful filler injections, and strives to overcome the potential complications of permanent injectable and solid implants. PermaLip is contoured, has a smooth surface to minimize tissue ingrowth, and is reversible. It is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to accommodate the uniqueness of each person’s tissue characteristics. During the course of a consultation with your surgeon, it will be determined what implant is best suited for you. Although the implant is permanent, it is also designed to be easily reversible should a person wish to return to their original appearance.

Saul Lahijani, MD
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What is PermaLip?

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Good Day. Thank you for your question.

Short answer: A very soft silastic permanent lip implant that has an extremely lo risk profile with the main concern central placement.

Long Answer: (from a peer review manuscript submission).

The optimal lip augmentation method would be accepted by the host, modifiable, adjustable, reversible, non-palpable or having a natural feel, and permanent. The aesthetic procedure should be brief, low risk, and simple to perform with a low learning curve.  It should require local anesthesia and provide a rapid, low morbidity recovery. A soft silastic implant for lip augmentation satisfies these criteria.

The first silastic lip implants were fabricated out of soft grade silicone as measured by a durometer (1 out of a scale of 5) by Dr. Edward Terino. 5 He is one of the fathers of modern day facial implant surgery and was involved in the development of midface implants and chin implants.

Dr. Terino acquired soft silastic blocks from Implantech, Inc. (Ventura, CA) on or about 1990 (verified by personal communication).5 He carved free-hand tapered implants of different diameters (4-6 mm) and lengths (4-4.5 cm), individualized for each patient. In patients with adequate central fullness, but with lateral lip volume deficiency, instead of placing one complete lip length implant, he would place two lateral implants (typical length 2.5 cm). Terino treated 30 patients over a ten-year period placed through bilateral oral commissure incisions.5

In 2004, SurgiSil, LLC (Plano, TX) filed for patented trademark of a preformed silicone lip implant (known as “PermaLip” outside the United States and “PermaFacial” implant in the U.S.). The length of the SurgiSil implants are longer than those of Terino, such that the implants fill the entire lip length.

Alternative lip augmentation is using dermal fillers or using your own tissue, fat, scar tissue, skin (dermis), covering of muscles (fascia) or covering of scalp bone (pericranium). 

Best of luck.

Robert J. Troell, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone lip implant

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Permalip(TM) is a silicone based soft implant that is used to lip augmentation. Some patients do not wish to use fillers and silicon implants are a good option for these patients. The implants is placed in the lip via small incisions at each end of the lip. A tunnel is made with a special instrument and the implant is 'slid' into place. Advantages of silicon implants is long lasting results, and potentially cost savings. Disadvantages include longer recovery than filler, somewhat stiffer feeling initially, higher risk of infection, less customizable than fillers. 

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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PermaLip Lip Augmentation

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PermaLip is a brand of silicone lip implants and is a perfectly safe option for patient who would like a permanent fix for augmenting or restoring volume loss to the lips.  Small incisions are made on both sides of the lips through which the implant is guided and positioned. PermaLip is available in a variety of sizes and can produce a very nice aesthetic result, but I will typically advise my patients who are new to any sort of lip augmentation procedure to consider trying dermal fillers to the area as a first option treatment, primarily to ensure they will be satisfied with a fuller look before committing to a more permanent option like a lip implant.  

Robert J. Schwartz, MD
Richardson Plastic Surgeon
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PermaLip Augmentation

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Before you commit to something more permanent like a lip implant, I would suggest trying dermal fillers in the area first, only to ensure that you will be satisfied with the look of a fuller lip. Having said that, lip implants are perfectly safe and come in a variety of sizes to produce a natural-looking result on a patients of all ages.  The procedure itself it relatively quick and like other implants they can be removed later if desired.  Price will vary based on your location and the surgeon's experience. 

Vu Ho, MD
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanently fuller lips!

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Our Lips are the focal point of our face. Full lips are often associated with youthfulness and sensuality, but for most of us it is not uncommon to see lips thin and develop deep lines with age. Lip enhancement, also known as Lip Augmentation or Lip Enlargement, is a procedure which involves adding volume to the lip either by permanent lip implants such as PermaLip™, or via an injectable lip filler. This gives lips a fuller appearance and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles. It will help effectively fight the signs of ageing, improve your smile, and leave your lips looking wonderfully natural.

Permalip™ are revolutionary lip implants that are designed to look and feel natural, yet enhance your lip volume to the desired size. It does not deflate, degrade or rupture over time. Although it’s permanent, it is designed for the ease of placement if a patient wishes to achieve a larger or smaller enhancement or even return to the lips original appearance. It does not limit lip movement and provides a natural look.

Our base price here at BellaVou is £1500 but this will be confirmed at your consult.

We often have open evenings where you can come and talk to real life clients about their experience. Have a look at our website or give us a call for more information.

What is PermaLip Lip Augmentation?

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Thank you for your question. Lip Implants may be a reasonable option for those individuals who are seeking permanent lip enhancement or for those who have not been satisfied with the longevity of effect afforded by hyaluronic acid fillers.

The PermaLip (Perma Facial) Implant is FDA approved for permanent lip augmentation. While this treatment is generally safe, every treatment carries potential risks that you should discuss with your surgeon.

Costs vary, but when one considers the cumulative cost over time of temporary fillers, there is usually a savings benefit over time associated with permanent lip augmentation.

Consider consultation with a board-certified facial surgeon to discuss your concerns and goals and which options may be best for you.

James M. Pearson, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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