I was wondering if eyebrow hair would grow back after injury because I scraped my head on concrete and lost some hairs?

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Eyebrow injury

Most should grow back depending on the degree of trauma you suffered.  The ones that don't can be restored with an eyebrow transplantation. 

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Lost eyebrow hair

Sometimes eyebrow hair, when lost from trauma, does not grow back. When that happens, a hair transplant into the eyebrow works well

William Rassman, MD
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I was wondering if eyebrow hair would grow back after injury because I scraped my head on concrete and lost some hairs?

Thanks for your query. Eyebrow hairs do grow back but it depends on your lesion. If it is a scarring lesion then the chances are less for hair to come back but non scarring one where hair follicles are still there, you stand a good chance for all the hair to come back. Hope it helps.

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Diverse eyebrow hair improvement options exist

Hi flashkid22, sorry to hear of your injury.  Yes, eyebrows can sometimes grow back, depending upon the follicle viability.  Platelet rich plasma injections provides nutrients when blood flow has been compromised.  Latisse application has been shown anecdotally to increase brow hair growth. Very natural, hair like strokes can be created with permanent cosmetic tattooing in the event that the hair doesn't grow back.  The surgical option would involve hair transplantation.  All of the above provide good results and should be considered depending upon how many hairs have been lost, how long since injury, desire to have immediate improvement, desire to avoid or have surgery, etc.  Good luck,

Vaishali B. Doolabh, MD, FACS
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Options for Regrowth

I can't tell you if the eyebrow hair will grow back on it's own, however there are options for regrowth. PRP and Progesterone injections can be used to grow back your eyebrow hair. I recommend seeing an expert in hair loss for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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Hair loss after injury

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I cannot definitively tell you if your hair will grow back. The likelihood of hair returning in the affected area depends on how deep the injury was when you scraped your head. If the injury was deep enough to affected the base of the hair follicles, then the subsequent scarring may cause permanent hair loss. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist to have your skin and hair evaluated to better answer your question.

Reuel Aspacio, MD, FAAD
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