Four days post laser resurfacing I have painfully swollen eyelids; face is swollen (peeling now). (photo)

Is it normally to have painfully swollen eyelids 4 days after procedure, as wells swollen and tight-feeling face even though half of the brown layer has already peeled off (leaving very pink skin underneath)?  When will swelling decrease?

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ICE and sleeping with a few pillow to decrease swelling after laser

Yes, when I do laser the eyes, I go right up to the lid margin, and if the upper lids are done, swelling is universally seen. Sleeping with a few pillows can help, but time an some ice can definitely help. Don't bend down too often, swelling subsides by day 5. If you have any concerns, you can go see your Specialist. Sometimes we give a stat. dose of anti-inflammatory prednisone. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane, Australia. 

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Swelling after resurfacing laser

Congratulations on your procedure and thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.
The swelling should start decreasing after the 4th day. head elevation, icing, anti-inflammatories could be alternative methods to accelerate the healing processFinally, make sure that your doctor is aware of your process. He should be able to guide you best in your care.
Wishing you the best in your journey

Post Laser Resurfacing

Swelling varies with each patient. Icing the eyes will help reduce swelling. Make sure there is a towel in between the ice and your face. You do not want the ice to rest directly on the skin. Also, sleeping with some elevation will help as well. Some of our patients take tylenol extra strength when it gets painful. Contact your treating physician if OTC medications are not relieving the pain. It's important to keep your face moisturized as well. It will feel really tight if it's dry.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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Laser Skin Resurfacing Healing

It is normal to have swelling and tenderness at this point in the healing process. I agree that your skin appears too dry in the photo. I normally suggest Aquaphor or Elta Moisturizer for the 1st week to ten day. I also normally suggest 1 cup of cool water with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to help ease the initial "hot" feeling you have and it will also help to exfoliate the dead skin a little quicker. However, you need to moisturize well after the vinegar as it tends to dry the skin out a bit. Moisturizing should be your main concern at this time. It looks like you should have an amazing result soon with continued improvement over the next few months.

Felix Bopp, MD
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Healing after laser resurfacing

Lubrication with Aquaphor or Vaseline and vinegar soaks will improve your comfort. The peeling process appears to be progressing nicely and should be complete in a day or two. I agree with previous answers that the skin looks very dry and needs lubrication. The swelling gradually decreases over 1-2 weeks. You will enjoy your rejuvenated skin very soon!

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
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Post laser resurfacing

Thank you for your question.  Swelling around the eyes is completely normal post laser resurfacing. It should resolve within a week-10 days after the procedure. However, It appears that your skin is extremely dry and you would benefit from moisturizing and applying vinegar soaks.  I recommend that my patients soak gauze in a dilute amount of white vinegar with distilled water in order to expedite the healing, remove dry patches and keep the area clean.  I highly recommend moisturizing your skin with Aquaphor multiple times a day.
Good luck!
Dr. Ariel Ostad. MD PC 

Ariel Ostad, MD
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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Thank you for your question. During the first few hours and days after the procedure, there is usually mild burning and discomfort, which feels like a sunburn. Oral painkillers and ice packs should help you control the discomfort. I suggest that you apply cream to your face to minimize the amount of dryness as well. It seems that you should experience a significant decrease in swelling shortly, however, I suggest that you keep your board certified facial plastic surgeon updated as to your healing process. 
Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Laser resurfacing

As long as the discomfort is not your actual eyeball, everything sounds and looks like it's going well. You are rather dry, so I'd recommend applying any balm that they recommended more often throughout the day. In a few more days most of the peeling should be over. Any swelling also usually goes away quickly, also over the next few days.
Andrew Campbell, M.D.Facial Plastic SpecialistQuintessa Aesthetic Centers

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Swelling after Laser Resurfacing

It is normal to have some swelling after laser resurfacing.  This typically goes away over the course of a few days to weeks.  Your question is best directed toward your doctor as he or she knows the exact treatment that you had done.  I would call your doctor today and be seen in person if needed.  Regards,Dr. Ort

Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
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Post laser resurfacing

It looks like you had a deep resurfacing.  The lids will get very swollen.  You look very dry!  I have patients put on a lot of vaseline or aquaphor while healing.  This allows the crusts to soften and fall off more easily, and helps with the tight feeling you can get from all the scabs. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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