How Much Weight Should You Lose After Breast Augmentation Before It Affects the Appearance

I am 5'3 and currently 142 pounds which is the heaviest I've ever been. Prior to augmentation I was 130 pounds. I would like to get to 125 I have fatty breast so I'm concerned about skin saggy etc. What would be the best way to reach my ideal weight without losing the appearance of my breast? I have 540cc's on one and 560cc on the other (Saline) 38DD. Thanks,

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Breast Implants and Weight Change -- Not What You Might Think

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Here is what happens to your breast size when you change weight after having breast implants*:

  • Breast Implants + Weight Gain = SMALLER Breast Size
  • Breast Implants + Lose Weight = BIGGER Breast Size

*Proportional to your body

This may seem counter-intuitive, however remember that this is what happens proportionally. Here is how this works:

When you gain weight, the added pounds disperse throughout the body, not just in the breast. When you gain weight with breast implants in place, the portion of your breast that is your own breast tissue does increase in size, but the portion of the breast that is breast implant stays exactly the same. Therefore, even though your total breast volume does increase, it does not increase as much as the rest of your body proportionally. As a result your breast appearance will often seem smaller in proportion to what it was before the weight gain since you are increasing in size throughout the body.

When you lose weight the reverse happens. You will lose weight throughout the body, not just in the breast. Your actual breast tissue will decrease and the implant size will stay the same. However, since your body overall is decreasing in size your breasts will appear bigger in proportion to the rest of your body. In my practice in Denver, I've seen seen several patients over the years that have requested smaller breast implants for this very reason after weight loss, and some of these patients required a breast lift.

Note that a few pounds of weight gain or loss will typically not be noticeable, and what actually happens when your weight changes varies a good bit from patient to patient and depends on the breast implant volume vs actual breast volume. Some people have higher proportion of fat vs. glandular breast tissue in the breast. This can effect the possibility of sagging with weight loss.

To answer your specific question, you may have some sagging of the breast after gaining and losing about 10% of your body weight, depending on your tissues (which will vary a lot person-to-person). From your weight, I'm guessing that your implant size has stretched your skin envelope a good deal (which is the price your tissues pay for a very large implant), but since you are keeping the implant in place, it may not cause a problem.

Hope this helps,

Nick Slenkovich MD, FACS

Weight loss after breast augmentation.

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The effect of weight loss after breast augmentation is highly variable. Most of the time, weight loss does not affect the appearance of the breasts after having breast implants. Typically, you will notice the weight loss in your body to a greater degree than in your breast. 

Weight loss after breast surgery

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There is not a magic number that applies to everyone.  Within a normal range of weight variances, say 10 pounds or so, there should really be no differences.  With major weight loss, there may be some changes, but these depend on the ratio of fat/breast/implant volumes as others have stated.


Good Luck.

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Weight loss after breast implants

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This mostly depends on how much breast versus fat tissue you have in your breasts and how your breasts respond to weight loss or weight gain. There is no formula so you have to see what happens to your breasts as your weight changes.

Breasts and Weight...Implants

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This is an unknown. A lot depends on size of breast before augmentation.  Lose the weight because it is the best health choice and then see where you are .  The effect may be little but wait and see.

How Much Weight Should You Lose After Breast Augmentation Before It Affects the Appearance

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Thank you for the question. Although weight loss will not have a direct effect on your breast implants, significant weight loss may affect the appearance of your breasts in general.

It is difficult to predict how a specific young lady's breasts will change with weight loss; how the breasts were affected historically with weight loss may be the best indication how you will do.
Generally speaking, significant weight loss can lead to some change in breast tissue (and/or nipple/areola) position; this “sagging” is called breast ptosis medically.

Sometimes, patients who lose weight will have a smaller amount of breast/soft tissue coverage overlying the breast implants; this change in breast anatomy may lead to a greater degree of breast implant palpability and/or rippling. In these cases, the breasts may also appear smaller.

Therefore, generally speaking, it is in patient's best interest to achieve a long-term stable weight prior to undergoing elective breast surgery.
I hope this, and the attached link, help.

Weight Loss after Breast Augmentation

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It is difficult to say how much weight loss will effect the breast after augmentation.  Everyone's body is different in where they store fat and where they tend to lose weight.  YOU know your body best.  If you have lost weight in the past and know that you don't typically lose the weight in your breast, then 15-20 lb. weight loss will likely not effect your breast given your height and weight.

Weight loss after implants

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It is difficult to say what specific weight is required to be lsot before you see a change in the breasts. Everyone is different, it depends upon how much fatty tissue is in the breasts as well.

Weight loss after breast augmentation

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You dont say if your implants are in front vs behind the muscle, how large your breasts were before your surgery, or if you had any drooping before or after surgery.  Breast tissue is made up of both parenchyma (breast tissue) as well as fat.  Some womens breasts will change dramatically with weight gain or loss, some womens breasts change very little.  If you had the surgery at your current weight, then it is likely that you did not have much breast tissue to begin with, thus your breasts should change very little.  But this is just a guess.  There is no specific way to loose weight that will preserve the way that your breasts look. Good luck!

No answer to your question

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There isn't any way to answer the question here.   All you can do is hope you will return to your best weight and see what happens to the breasts.  Your large implants will have stretched the skin so weight loss may not leave you in the same place as when you previously weighed 125.

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