What are my Options for Touch-up on my Breast Augmentation?

My breast augmentation did not turn out satisfactory.

1. over the muscle [can feel slight ripple]

2. scarring around nipple [this bothers me the most] 3. they are not the same size [i realize one was larger to begin with and that is y they do not match now but what can i do] silicon gel implants and my biggest concern is with them looking natural and for the scars on my nipples to be less drastic. the surgeon cut through part of the darker areola area which makes it noticeable.

What are my options to fix this?

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Scar touch up after breast augmentation

Your implants look soft and natural, and it is not uncommon to feel an occasional ripple with a silicone gel breast implant. We prefer submuscular placement, though if the subglandular pocket is working out well as it does for some you should not be tempted to change it. The scar can be improved often by revision. It can take considerable stress on the tissues passing a silicone implant into the breast with a smaller periareolar incision. The stress and stretch can beat up the skin and revision with a second chance to heal can improve the appearance. Your surgeon  should be willing to revise and adjust the scar.

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What are my Options for Touch-up on my Breast Augmentation?

What are my Options for Touch-up on my Breast Augmentation? Scar revision or consider medical tattoo for instillation of pigment

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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What are my Options for Touch-up on my Breast Augmentation?

Only one breast is viewable! Seek many in person consults. My recommendations are under muscle, revise scar. Best of luck from MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Breast augmentation scars

Aside from the scar the result does not look bad in the limited view photo. The resulting scar after such surgery is dependent on patient related factors, surgeon/surgery related factors and the interaction of both factors. Certainly it is better to cut along the edge of the areola rather than in the areola. However when the areola border as in your case is not sharp that can be difficult. I prefer a wavy line incisions in such cases as they can make the scar less noticeable afterward. If the rippling is minimal, hard to feel and not visible I would not recommend surgery for it. All implants by their very nature ripple to various degrees.

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Implant options

If you have rippling, you may be better off placing them under the muscle. If you lost pigment at your scar, you may want to consider tattooing.

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Options for breast augmentation touch up

Slight rippling with silicone gel implants is not unusual. If the rippling is on the bottom of your breast, going below the muscle is unlikely to improve it. Your scar can be revised by your surgeon. It is not always possible to have the exact same size, especially if you started with one larger than the other. Ask your surgeon if it is realistic to change the implant size.

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