I started wearing invisalign almost 3 weeks ago. 6 weeks per tray???

I started wearing invisalign almost 3 weeks ago. My dentist said I need to wear my trays for 6 weeks each. I'm reading that 3 weeks is max. I already feel like my tray is too loose as I can now pop it in and out with my tongue. Before I could not do that. Please advise!

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2 weeks for each Invisalign tray

The average (and Invisalign taught way) is 2 weeks for each Invisalign aligner tray.  Some offices have rushed it and done one week each, but the cases relapsed very quickly.  Three weeks is the most I would do, but even then that is a bit long.

Seattle Dentist
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3 weeks per tray

I would agree with the maximum duration of 3 weeks per tray. Any longer than that is unheard of.. I am pretty sure, your dentist would have some positive thought behind doing this.

Natwarlal Tibrewal, BDS
Leeds Dentist
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