When Can I Start Taking Motrin After Tummy Tuck?

4 Weeks Postop Tummy Tuck,bodyaches @ End of Day..when Can You Start Taking Motrin Again?

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Motrin for pain after tummy tuck

Motrin can be an excellent medication for post operative pain control but like any drug has risks and benefits. Generally speaking it is safe to use 2 weeks after drain removal following a tummy tuck, in my opinion. There may be exceptions and it should not be used long term without supervision. Therefore, I would first discuss this with your surgeon.

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Medication after Tummy tuck

I allow patients to resume medications like ibuprofen (motrin) anywhere between 2-3 weeks after surgery depending on the amount of residual bruising and swelling in the area. 

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When Can I Start Taking Motrin After Tummy Tuck?

Congratulations on having undergone the tummy tuck procedure. It is always best to run these types of questions by your plastic surgeon. Each plastic surgeon may have a different view regarding this question of  timing to start anti-inflammatories (most feel that it is safe to do three weeks postoperatively assuming complication free post operative course).  Some patients should not use anti-inflammatories based on their past medical/surgical history and/or allergy history. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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Motrin after a tummy tuck

I usually allow patients to take anti-inflammatories about 2-3 weeks after surgery provided that everything is healing fine.

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Abdominoplasty pain control

Motrin is one of my favorite pain medications.  It is free from many of the side effects associated with other pain relievers.  However, as you know, it may cause post surgical bleeding.  Its antiplatelet effects are only active for less than 48 hours.  You are certainly out of the window of bleeding risks associated with this medication.  However, it is known to cause gastric irritation.  Thus, it is recommended to take with food in your stomach.

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Body Aches and Tummy Tuck

Four weeks after tummy tuck you can start to take Motrin but prior to self prescribing I would revisit with your PS to take sure your "body aches" are not a result of something related to the tummy tuck or an unrelated cause.

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