Can I Get 6-Pack Abs After Tummy Tuck?

Can Someone Have a Tummy Tuck and Still Manage to Get a 6 Pack After It?

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Six Pack Abdomen with Tummy Tuck? Yes We Can!

  • A six-pack abdomen is the result of 2 things:

    Well-developed rectus abdominis muscles

    A thin layer of fat between the skin and underlying muscle
  • As a surgeon performing an abdominoplasty, I have control over several factors in making a six-pack abdomen.  I can assure that the rectus muscles are brought together in the midline of the abdominal wall, and have some control of the thickness of the overlying fat layer.  With my tummy tuck technique, the surgical scissors are used to thin out the fat of the abdominal wall.  Unlike using liposuction which cannot safely be done over the rectus muscles, thinning the fat with scissors allows me to be aggressive in this area without damaging the blood supply of the tissues.  Thinner tissues will tend to allow the underlying muscles to be visible, thus giving you back your six-pack.
  • Obviously, the patient is in control of the remaining factors, such as diet and exercise.  If the fat layer is thin, but the muscles are not well developed, then guess what?;  No six-pack.  Likewise, even if your muscles are ripped, if the fat layer is too thick, you won’t be able to appreciate it visually.

    I hope this helps answer your question.   Good luck to you!

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With diet and exercise, your goals could be possible.

An aesthetically attractive abdomen is the goal of every patient who undergoes abdominoplasty surgery. Surgeons can accomplish this goal by removing excess skin, fat and stretch marks, along with tightening the underlying rectus muscles. Unfortunately, the six pack abdomen that’s associated with fitness and athleticism isn’t routinely created with tummy tuck surgery.
The six pack abdomen occurs when the tendinous inscriptions within the rectus muscles are well defined. This requires well developed abdominal muscles and a thin overlying layer of fat. Although abdominoplasty probably won’t create a six pack abdomen by itself, the combination of tummy tuck, exercise and diet will.
For these reasons, abdominoplasty surgery always yields its best results when combined with diet and exercise. It’s important that you discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon before resuming aggressive exercise routines. In some cases coordination with a personal trainer can facilitate this process.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
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Tummy Tuck and 6 Pack Abs

Let's first define what MAKES a 6 pack abdomen; extremelytoned and developed abdominal muscles, in their normal anatomical location which are covered by thin skin which does not obscure the muscle details. If you have worked long and hard and HAVE such muscles but the world cannot see them because they are hidden by a mild layer of fat, this can be NICELY fixed with differential or "Hi Def" Liposuction. The liposuction will unveil the already existing muscles. A Tummy Tuck is aimed at the patient with loose skin, separated abdominal muscles and minimal or mild amount of fat along the lower portion of the tummy. A Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty will remove loose skin, tighten and flatten the tummy as well as narrow the waist. BUT it is NOT an operation intended to unveil a non-existing 6 pack musculature. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Can I Get 6-Pack Abs After Tummy Tuck?

If a full tummy tuck is performed, the attachments from the abdominal wall at the level of the muscle, to the skin will be disrupted and will not show what most people would call a 6-pack.  On the other hand, the muscles will be tightened and flat and should still look very nice. 

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Can I get 6- pack abs after a Tummy Tuck?

One common myth with tummy tuck surgery is that you are going to achieve a six pack. This is typically not the case. The operation is designed to remove excess skin and associated fatty tissue. A tummy tuck is designed to contour what you have and ensure your skin is tailored to fit your underlying body.  
A six pack requires two things
-a well formed and defined six pack muscles. If you dont have those before surgery than surgery is not going to achieve that.
- a very thin fatty layer or minimal fatty tissue.
So basically the only way to have a six pack after surgery, is to train hard and have one before surgery.

Eddy Dona, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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6 pack abs after tummy tuck

In order for you to have  the look of a 6 pack abs you would need to have a very low percentage of body fat.  Most patients having a tummy tuck would not achieve that result.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Can you get a "six pack" after a tummy tuck

The term "six-pack abs" refers to the visibility of the abdominal muscles through the abdominal skin in patients with fairly low body fat percentage.  There are separations in the abdominal muscles called tendinous inscriptions which horizontally separate the sections of the abdominal muscles resulting in six or even eight sections (three or four per side).

A tummy tuck will get your muscles back into the correct position and tighten them. But it will not necessarily give you a six-pack unless you get your body fat percentage low enough with diet and exercise.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno

William Bruno, MD
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Not impossible but highly unlikely

To get a 6-pack you would have to have very minimal body fat, good muscle tone and little sagging excess skin. Patients who get a tummy tuck do not generally have this. After a tummy tuck, you would have more muscle definition but probably not to the point that you'd have a 6-pack if you didn't have one to start off with.

It is not impossible, however, but it would be surprising if it did occur.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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6 Pack Abdominals

This is possible to have 6-pack abs after tummy tuck but there are several factors that determine this including overall body fat, muscle status, nutirtion,

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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