9 weeks post op and still having pain?

I am now 9 weeks post with MR and have had uneventful recovery. I have however been somewhat annoyed by the pain/burning in the upper right side. I have this pain mostly every day and it comes as goes throughout the day.. It feels deep as I can't illicit the pain by touching the area. I do not know if it is muscular or nerve. It sometimes feels like there is a deep tightness in the area. There is no visible swelling , etc. I do not see my doctor again until mid January .

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Tummy tuck 9 Weeks post

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All the symptoms you are experience are normal from a tummy tuck procedure tightness, illicit all is do to separation of the skin and the repair of the muscle, liposuction etc, This feelings are very normal till about a 6 month to a year.Hope you feel better soon.

Pain postop

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Your pain sounds like its nerve related. It's not uncommon to experience symptoms your describing for 3-6 months after a tummy tuck. Work with your surgeon for close monitoring.

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