Lump under my incision scar?

I had an abdominoplasty and hernia repair 11 months ago. Now I have a lump under the incision. There’s a little bit of pain when I press on it but not bad. I had a couple of small lumps shortly after the surgery that went away but can you still get scar tissue buildup 11 months post op? What else could it be?

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Lump under the incision

The lump under the incision may be one of the heavy sutures that keeps the deep tissues together.  Sometimes the tension can cause scar tissue or fat necrosis.  Usually it goes away on its own. Consult with your surgeon for the best options. Good luck. 

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Lumps in incisions

should progressively get better with time.  If your lump is new, you should see your surgeon about what it could be and what may need to be done for management.  If your lump is associated with pain and inflammation, it becomes urgent that you see your surgeon.

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Lump under scar

It could be a suture abcess or scar tissue. Go back to your surgeon for a quick evaluation.

good luck

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