9 Weeks After Lower Bleph, Still Hard Swelling with Pain Under Right Eye?

I am almost 9 weeks post op. I still have severe swelling and a pinching like pain of the skin under my right eye. The swelling just wont subside. My ps just doesnt know why I am still swollen. I had a lower bleph with fat repositioning. I also have brown discoloration of the skin from left over bruising. How can I relieve this swelling?? Is it possible to stay like this permanent?? I am also hypothyroid and take synthroid on a daily basis. I had the open skin eye flap proceed. Lash line cut.

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Prolonged swelling of the lower eyelids after a blepharoplasty

You did not mention you age.  There is a possibility that the lymphatic drainage pattern of the lower eyelid has been disrupted enough to give you prolonged swelling and edema of the lower eyelid.  With time and massage this problem will improve.  Be sure to keep you eye will moisturized with natural tears to prevent corneal problems as you heal.  

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Prolonged eyelid swelling after blepharoplasty

There are a variety of causes of prolonged swelling around the eyes after eyelid surgery.  The most common is festoons, present in the upper cheek/lower eyelid junction,which can sometimes remain long after surgery. Problems with the thyroids may also contribute to prolonged swelling.  Infection and foreign body are other possible causes. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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