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Hello, my question regards to what I can do about a weak jawline. I am 22 years old and have been extremely self conscious about my profile for many years. I am so embarrassed when I see a photo of me taken of the side of my face... I always look awful. I am tired of feeling this way and want to know if there is anything I can do. Any research into this shows me solutions for more mature skin's sagging, which I am not sure is a suitable solution for me as my issue is not age related (or rather the skin losing elasticity over time), since I have never had a good jawline. I would like to try to avoid a chin implant if possible, as many that I have seen look very unnatural, but I would like to hear any and all options I have.

Is "pulling up" the skin between my jawbone and neck a solution/option? Also, I am not really looking for a subtle change, but I don't think an overly prominent chin is the answer either. I really want the sharp and elegant jawlines as seen on other women! Is there any way? Thank you so much for reading this, any and all help is greatly appreciated as I yearn for a solution that will bring me more confidence.

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A weak jawline can be treated with a chin implant or facial fillers

The strength or weakness of a jawline can define the attractiveness of a face. The great news is the chin is one of the most treatable parts of the face.

The least invasive option is to use fillers along the jawline to strengthen your profile. Placing RADIESSE® can give results for 6-9 months. Multiple treatments of ArteFill® can give more permanent results. Using fillers is a great way to preview results and adjust the amount of augmentation you'd like.
I understand your concern about chin implants looking unnatural, but there are many surgeons who work to properly balance the face, not to over-enhance the chin. It is a very straightforward and minimally invasive procedure to place a chin implant, and implant size is customizable. I recommend an implant for a more severe facial proportion imbalance. With a very quick recovery, the proportions of your face can be greatly improved, and no more loose skin or embarrassing photos.

For information about non-surgical chin augmentations, visit the link below.

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Different methods for increasing jaw line and chin defintion

A well defined neck and jaw line is desirable for facial harmony and balance.  People with strong and well balanced jaw lines are often viewed as more successful and intelligent. 

There is however a fear for many patients that enhancing their chins will lead to an unnatural overdone appearance.  When the chin is enhanced to fit the other facial proportions, the results lead to natural facial harmony. 

Chin enhancement can be done surgically, most commonly via a chin implant.  Less commonly, this is done by jaw advancement surgery.  This is more complicated and comes with higher risks.  Increasingly, patients are asking for non surgical chin enhancement.  Various fillers from Radiesse to Juvederm Voluma and Sculptra injections can be used depending on the desired result, and duration of effect.

A weak chin is often accompanied by excess heaviness along the neck and jaw line.  Conservative liposuction, using Smart Lipo, can add to chin augmentation results by giving a more crisp neck and jaw line.

I find that 3D computer imaging using the Vectra system can help illustrate pre operatively what changes can be made

Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
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Jaw line improvement - Chin implant or other method

I know you probably do not want to hear this, but a chin implant is the way to go!  Injectables or skin lifts are not going to get you what you need.  A chin implant is a simple procedure and works wonders.  Please look into it first.  It is the solution for what you need.

Jay Calvert, MD, FACS
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Chin/Neck Options

From your profile, it appears that you would be an excellent candidate for a mentoplasty. A complete evaluation though would require looking at the front and side views as well. In your case, you may want to consider simple chin implantation or a more involved procedure of moving the bone of your lower jaw forward (particularly if you have a significant underbite). In either event, this would change your profile, alter your neck appearance, and change your front view as well.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Beautiful jawline for a woman

There are a number of anatomic elements that create a beautiful jawline in a woman.  A surgeon would palpate and study your lower jaw anatomy to determine the best surgical approach.  This could be augmenting the weak bone with appropriate style and size chin implant, may be adding mandibular angle implant, possibly doing microliposuctioon around the lower jaw/neck, or even adding some structural fat grafting.  Your best bet is to find 2-3 reputable surgeons that have lots of experience in this area and educating yourself this way.  Ultimately you need to find a surgeon whom you can trust to give you the result you desire.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Placement of an implant is usually the preferred method to augment a weak chin

Hi Kitty15

I understand that you would prefer to avoid a chin implant, but as you describe your goals I believe it is still the best solution to your condition. “Pulling up” the skin from a facelift or neck lift will not provide the degree of change you desire. Although the chin can be augmented without an implant I would not recommend this procedure in your case. This type of surgery would require advancing a part of your jawbone to give it more projection. Placement of a chin implant would provide a similar change and is a much easier procedure. For a thorough education and discussion I would recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

I hope this is of some help to you as you make your decisions. I believe your goals are realistic and can be achieved.

Wayne I. Yamahata, MD
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The Elegant Jawline

The elegant jawline is a defined jawbone that  is easily differentiated from the underlying neck. Poor jawline definition may be due to 1) a truly smaller jawbone or 2) poor neck definition.

In the first case, a chin implant is the best way to improve projection of the chin in a patient who has normal bite alignment. Incisions may be concealed under the lower lip. A variety of implant shapes and sizes are available to provide a customized treatment. The implant is solid and adheres to the underlying bone so it feels like a natural extension of the chin. There is far less chance of asymmetry and more permanence than fillers. 

If neck definition is lacking, a combination of liposuction and lifting procedures may tighten the neckline and create a sharper transition between the chin and neck. This will make the jawline appear more defined and better projected.

Anand D. Patel, MD
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Chin augmentation

There are several options for improving the profile and a weak chin. The goal is to restore natural balance and beauty to the face through improved aesthetic proportions. 

Fillers are the least invasive option, but are temporary and will require a significant amount of product (and expense) to achieve a significant result.

Surgical options such as mandibular advancement and chin implants can also be very effective. Mandibular advancement often can be quite painful and have a prolonged recovery (depending on the technique). 

In my experience, a chin implant is a highly effective, relatively inexpensive, and permanent solution. Chin implants look very natural and improve facial balance and symmetry when the proper technique and implant are chosen. Each patient's anatomy is unique, and the implant should be tailored for each individual.

As always, a consultation with a highly-trained and board-certified surgeon is recommended.

Matthew Richardson, MD
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Weak chin

A weak chin can be corrected by several methods, depending on severity and the type of movement needed. 

Facial fillers can give a few millimeters of advancement, which is an easy and fast option for those who just need a little movement.

A chin implant can give more projection in the horizontal plane, and some are designed to give a slight vertical projection as well.  

An osseous genioplasty (where the surgeon cuts the chin bone and advances it) can give a big movement and can give projection and length in horizontal and vertical directions. 

They all have different risks and benefits.  Each patient is different with different needs so an in person consultation with a facial plastic surgeon is needed!  A surgery done well will look natural. 

Best of luck

Dr Rodman

Regina Rodman, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Does your jawline feel weak? These 3 options can offer improvement.

Though you’ve mentioned that your jawline seems weak, you were not specific in what it is that makes you feel that way. Because you have not attached photos, I will try to answer from all sides. I hope that from the information to follow you can pull what you need from it.

Let’s start with projection. If your chin is recessive, you might need more projection on your profile view to strengthen that line. A chin implant, when used correctly, is a really great way to bring balance and harmony to the face. At my Vancouver cosmetic surgery practice I use computer imaging to give the patient a realistic idea of what this might look like after surgery. My patients have an active hand in deciding what size implant they feel comfortable with and, in most cases, I agree with their choices.

Next we can look at poor neck angle, which may be due to excess fat or a lax platysma muscle. This is something that can be corrected surgically through what we loosely call a “double chin surgery”, which involves a small incision placed under the chin. If there is extra fat there, it is removed either directly or with liposuction. If the patient also has a lax platysma muscle, it is tightened and bound with sutures. This allows for significant structural support for the neck and a defined neck angle. If the patient’s chin is also recessive, a chin implant can be done simultaneously to make that area more prominent.

If it’s not a recessive chin or a poor neck angle that you’re seeing, it may be the edge of the jawline that’s bothering you. If that’s the case, dermal fillers can be used to very effectively add volume and enhance the structure of the bone.

Good luck!

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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