Can I Take a Water Pill After Lipo/tummy Tuck (Two Weeks After)?

Can I Take a Water Pill After Lipo/tummy Tuck  (Two Weeks After )..

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Water Pills Generally Not Used for Post Operative Edema

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Unless the water pill is for a medical indication such as hypertension and prescribed by your PMD then OK, but it is NOT generally used for management of edema. Only take medications that are recommended by your plastic surgeon if it relates to your surgery (or from your primary care or other doctors for medical conditions).

Diuretic after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

Generally, I would not recommend you take any sort of diuretic without prescription and physician guidance..  You certainly do not want to disturb your level of hydration and/or  electrolyte balance after having undergone major surgery.

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Diuretics post-operatively

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Thanks for a good question.  First, you need to consult with your plastic surgeon.  I have on a couple of occassions prescribed water pills (diuretics) for patients whose total body water/swelling was still high two weeks after surgery.  In general this is not needed, and the swelling will usually resolve in time..

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