Why Are TT Scars Often Uneven?

I have no doubt all PS do their best to make a TT scar as indescete as possible, yet I've seen so many pictures with crooked or uneven scars. What causes this?

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Reasons for Uneven Tummy Tuck Scars

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Tummy Tuck Scars are often uneven despite the fact that they were made symmetrically to start with for a few good reasons. The most important concern is to make the tummy symmetric rather than the scar symmetric. Sometimes that means putting a bit more tension in re-draping your soft tissue on one side more than the other. This will cause the scar to migrate upwards to a degree. Another reason is that you are not symmetric to start with so often more has to be removed or re-draped on one side more than another including making sure your scar lies flat with our skin redundancy ("dog ears") which means the scar will be longer to take care of that problem.

Uneven scars

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There are many steps which go into tummy tuck. More experienced surgeons will be better able to recognize and make necessary adjustments in order to give more predictable results. Different patterns of skin incisions, skin excision and tension are a few of the variables. 

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