Is Vitamin C Effective in Curing Post Laser Hyperpigmentation Permanently?

My mom travelled greatly in the heat & never shyed away from sun exposure still her skin was flawless. 3 to 3.5 yrs ago she started swimming & felt her skin started to pigment. so she got a chemical peel done. instead, it started to cause hyperpigmentation. since then she's been getting monthly laser treatments & using Obagi creams. it disappears temporarily but resurfaces after the slightest exposure to sun. can IV vitamin c cure/stop this permanently? can she go in the sun w/o this happening?

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Laser Hyperpigmentation and Vitamin C

Thank you for your question. Curing and permanently are words I use very carefully.  I think the odds of Vitamin C curing the pigmentation problem is very slim to zero.  The hydroquinone containing products will help, but sunscreen compliance and sun avoidance is critical to the success. She will likely require maintenance therapy for her condition.  I suggest seeking a consultation with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for safest and best results which will likely require a combination and a series of treatments. I hope this helps.

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Treating Post inflammatory laser burn hyperpigmentation with Melarase

Vitamin C alone can help improve post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but is rarely enough as sole therapy.  In my practice, I recommend a regimen of MelaPads twice daily, Melarase AM, and Melarase PM.  It will take some time, but most cases will improve dramatically.

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