Visible Scars Extending into the Crow's Feet Area After Upper Blepharoplasty

I had considerable hooding so had both an upper Blepharoplasty and a Lateral Browlift a week ago. I expected the bleph scar to be hidden in the eyelid crease, but the suture line, beginning about 2/3 of the way across the eye, departs from the crease and extends outward an inch or more from the eye. Is this normal and how can I minimize?

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Initially, these healing incisions lines look very dramatic.

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The extended blepharoplasty incision is a means of improving the lateral hooding without performing a forehead lift.  Initially these incisions are highly visible.  However, over time, the redness will quiet and the scar will soften. These generally healing remarkably well and seldom require a revisional surgery or scar modification. At a week out, I would not recommend scar gel, or other treatment. This should wait until you are 6 to 8 weeks out from surgery.

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Blepharoplasty incision scar

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At this point there is nothing you can do except to wait patiently...and that is not easy.  It usually takes at least three months for eyelid scars to begin settling down.  Sometimes scar gels are helpful, but this should be discussed with your surgeon.  In the vast majority of cases people ultimately are very satisfied with their blepharoplasty results.  Hopefully, when all the healing is completed you will be too.

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