I Have a Venous Lake That's Been Treated 3x W/the Vbeam W/no Success. Any Referrals for DC/MD/VA?

My doctor wanted to try the Vbeam first because there was less of a chance for a scar. She mentioned that the ND:Yag laser should work but only by someone who has extensive experience with it because she's seen scarring. I need to find someone in the Washington, DC metro area who has experience with the Yag and/or Cutera CoolGlide for venous lakes. Does anyone have Physician referrals? Thank you!

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Here is a link to our board certified doctors that are qualified to perform this procedure in your area:


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How do you treat venous lakes ? Buffalo Niagara, NY

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A picture would have been great for best guidance.

You don't mention where this venous lake is located and around what type of structures if it is in the face ...

Long pulse lasers like Nd YAG are very effective for treating such vein complexes. 

Seek a specialist who has experience taking care of these vein problems with lasers. 

VBeam Treatment

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Thank you for your question. Your options would include trying a series of the Vbeam, or trying the Cutera YAG, which is a good choice. However, there is higher risk of scarring with the YAG as high energies are needed, but often 1 treatment will resolve the lesion for small venous lakes.  I hope this helps.

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