Veneers Appear to Protrude Outwards and Look Bulky?

I have two issues 1) I'm not very happy as they protrude out and look bulky when i smile. It is much more evident when i smile fully. Is it normal? Kindly suggest how can this be corrected. Will reducing my veneer size help? or should i also get lower teeth veneers done? 2) My original teeth were small in size. However the 6 veneers are larger because of which from the sides it is not aesthetically appealing. I do not want more veneers i feel my smile will get bulkier.

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Bulky Veneers

Bulky veneers are usuallty caused by inadequate reduction of the tooth surface. Also you could have chosen a non prep veneer like lumineers which look bulky no matter what. You mentioned you had 6 done and your teeth are small. Your smile is not asethically pleasing from the side.  If you do not want more veneers, you are not going to be happy, because it sounds to me like you see large veneers in contrast to your original teeth which are small. Am not sure the veneers can be reduced further to have them balance your other teeth. If too much is taken from the veneers they lose the color and light. Your other option would be to try a mock up of veneers on the bottom to see if more of a balance is created. You might like what you see!

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Solutions for Bulky Veneers

After veneers are placed there is a limited amount of reshaping that can be done.  They can be shortened, edges rounded, sides can be reshaped to slenderize slightly, etc.  But if the main issue is too protrusive that is a problem.  The veneer can certainly be contoured back to look less bulky but if this is done to any extent you will lose the glaze type finish and possibly change the color as well. It is important to establish the proper profile in the temporary stage so the lab has a guide as to what you like for the final veneers.

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Veneer bulkiness depends on method of treatment

If you got the "no prep" veneers (Lumineers is most common) then they WILL be bulkier.  Normally, impressions are taken before treatment and a wax "blue print" is made.  From this you can tell if the veneers will appear bulkier.


6 veneers is the magic number.  The number to avoid.  Doing six is a compromise and often leads to aesthetic disappointment, as a full smile is 8 to 10 teeth.  6 is incomplete.


With what you have, you MIGHT be able to reshape them and thin them out.  If too aggressive, you will have very smooth teeth, not the normal wavy surface, so you may need to consider a new set of veneers.

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Bulky and protruding veneers could be a sign of inadequate tooth preparation.

Bulky and protruding veneers could be due to a poor preparation and inadequate tooth reduction. While your original teeth may have had some protrusive angulation, generally, inadequate reduction of tooth structure and poor shaping of the underlying tooth can result in overcontouring. This is reflected in the appearance of bulkiness and/or protruding veneers. 

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