My Front Porcelain Veneer Chipped in Half, I Have the Broken Piece, Can It Be Glued Back?

my porcelain veneer on my front upper tooth just chipped off in half top to bottom. I have the broken piece. Can it be glued back or bonded back in & will it stay & how nmuch will that cost in NYC? Thank you & kind regards,

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Repairing a chipped veneer can be tricky!

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A porcelain veneer that breaks in half can be repaired, especially if you have the broken piece. Matching the shade of the luting cement (glue) can also be done. However, you should be aware that staining along the fracture line often creates a problem ahead and you should consider remaking the veneer for a better long lasting finish.

Yes, you can re-bond a piece of veneer

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However, I would no guarrantee how long it will last. I have done a few of these and some have lasted 2-3 years, at which time the veneer had to be re-done. Others are still going strong after 3 yrs. If you want to avoid another breakage (usually happens on a friday night or when you are on a trip) then consider having it re-done.

The piece must be intact and fit perfectly back in. Also it must be re-bonded following all the original steps.

I'm in Miami Beach and charge around $275 to re-bond a veneer. (whole or piece since it the same amount of work).

Good luck

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Broken Half of Front Veneer Can be Rebonded at Times

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Quite often I've been successful at rebonding half of a Veneer using a translucent bonding agent. The seem is virtually invisible. Fees will vary depending on whether the dentist originally made the Veneer, or whether you are a new patient with no prior record. It also depends on whether it was a "clean break" with no missing porcelain. The real question to ask is "Why did the Veneer break?" If there is a problem with your occlusion (bite), that should also be addressed.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Repairing veneers is only a temporary fix

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While the piece of the veneer CAN be bonded back in place, it likely won't last long and will eventually stain.  For a short term solution, that may work, but in the long run you will want to get it replaced.

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