Veneers As a Bridge?

What is the difference between the two? My once satisfctory smile was been compromised by perio issues and shifting/spreading. #8 was removed and a bridge is planned across from canine to canine excluded. I am currently wearing a temp and awaiting permanent placement of the 4 "veneers" I was billed and have paid for. Veneers can be made as a, or into a bridge? I'm confused.

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The differences between the veneer and the bridge

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The difference between having veneers and having a bridge are many. Here is the main difference  in your case. The bridge in your case is in shape of a veneer with a little more aggressive prep, but all connected together.  If it were a true bridge, you would be missing teeth  and the anchoring teeth would have to be prepped like a crown, meaning reduction on all sides of the teeth, not just the facing. 

Hope that clarifies the difference for you.

Orange County Dentist

Porcelain Bridge for Missing Front Tooth

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From what you are describing, the teeth that are ready for the veneers would need to be altered to serve as the anchor teeth for the bridge.  Aesthetically, the bridge should look just as natural as the veneers would have.  I know that you mentioned that you have had periodontal problems.  I am assuming that these issues are now stable and not progressing.  You would not want to place a bridge of this size over teeth with active gum disease.  Another potentially viable option would be to consider placing a dental implant in place of the missing tooth.  Read the link to find out more about the implant process.  Good luck!

Veneers vs. Bridge

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Your veneer preparations can be modified for a bridge. The extent of the preparation modification depends on how much of the original tooth was modified for the veneer. Material selection is important when we replace missing teeth. It is very important, therefore, that you have a conversation with your dentist and discuss the choice of materials and there benefits.

Jorge R. Blanco, DDS
South Miami Dentist

Veneers can work as a bridge

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If you bite is amenable to it, veneers can be connected to eachother to act as a bridge to replace the 1 tooth that now has to be extracted. The veneers would have to be made out of the newer and stronger "pressed" porcelain material.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Porcelain Veneers or a Bridge?

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If you have a space, then the replacement teeth are connected together and that would be considered a "bridge". (Many people confuse the term "bridge" with something that they would take in and out- that is called a "partial" or partial denture).  A bridge is permanently cemented and looks like natural teeth.

You may have a combination of a bridge to fill the missing tooth space and then a veneer next to that to make the whole area look great.

If you've been prone to gum or periodontal issues and teeth moving, then a night guard would be mandatory to resist further teeth shifting.

If this doesn't clear up your confusion, then contact your local dentist right away so you and he can clarify  what to expect. I find that one of the biggest keys to success and happiness with cosmetic dentistry is clear communication about what you want, right from the beginning, and clear discussion about what to expect.

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