Did my Dentist Give Me a Crowns or Venees? (photo)

I am depressed because I think I have lost healthy tooth structure and I am only 19. I told the dentist I want veneers and during the prep he thinned out my teeth and left them about half the size of a normal unbroken tooth.My was almost broken in half but the very edge of the teeth was intact.When the veneers were fitted they looked more like a cap,they covered the front and back of my teeth. I have included before and after pics.

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Are these crowns or porcelain veneers?

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There is really no way to tell by the photos. The only other thought that I can offer other than what the other dentists mentioned is that sometimes veneers can be designed to roll over the incisal edge usually 1.5 to 2mm but not the whole tooth. This is most likely true with the two front ones that we can see in the photo.

I would ask your dentist and he might be able to show you in the mirror or with an intraoral camera


Houston Dentist

Do my teeth have crowns?

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In order to determine if your teeth have crowns the pictures need to show the tongue side of your teeth.  Your results look good- you didn't mention if you were happy.  Sometimes in Dentistry we need to "destruct in order to construct" this may be a case where crowns might have been the best option.  Good luck, don't despair, your results look good and veneers may not have been appropriate.

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist

Do I Have Veneers Or Crowns?

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You are stating that the restorations cover the front and back of your teeth.  If this is the case, then you have full crowns. A veneer will only cover the outside and top edge of your teeth.  It is very difficult to tell from these pictures, but it sounds like you have full crowns.  

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Crowns or Veneers, Sounds like Crowns

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You state that the restoration covers the front and back of your teeth.  That describes a crown, if the back is covered down to the gum line.  From what I can see from the pictures it looks like you got a very nice result. I had a similar situation to yours when I was in my twenties and had bonding on my front teeth for years.  I eventually had all ceramic crowns fitted on these teeth and for the last 13 years have had zero problems with them.  In my book there is nothing wrong with removing some extra healthy tooth structure to gain a stronger and possibly more predictable restoration.  There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when your dentist chooses between a crown and a veneer as the best option for you.  How you function and your bite and guidance patterns are critical to the success of a case like yours.  Instead of being depressed, I would encourage you to be happy with the esthetic results.  Your dentist may have done you a big favor.

Veneer vs Crown

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Without a closeup of the back of the teeth we are unable to tell if the tooth is actually crowned or veneered.  If the back of the tooth is entirely covered it is a crown if not it is probably a veneer. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Need better Photos

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If you could get a better photo that shows the backs of the teeth that would be more accurate for us to see. The question is are you happy with the result?? Sometimes the dentist may wrap the porcelain to the lingual (tongue side) to prevent a person the tooth/porcelain interface.  They could still be veneers, not sure with out better pictures

James Merrett, DDS
San Antonio Dentist

Photos don't show

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To tell if it is a crown or veneer would require a close up photo, as the photo shown does not show needed details.  A veneer can cover the front, sides and tip of teeth, but as soon as the BACK is altered, then it is considered a crown.  I have no idea what you have.

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