How to Get Rid of Veins on the Foot?

How can you get rid of the veins on top of your feet? My are starting to really show a lot.

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Unsightly varicose veins of the feet

There unfortunately is not an easy way to get rid of unsightly veins on the feet.  The veins of the feet are very different than the veins of the legs.  The skin of the feet is very thin and tends to get damaged easier than leg skin, so if you have a treatment such as laser or sclerotherapy injections of the skin veins, it is much more likely to get abnormal skin reaction or skin damage (compared to treatment of leg veins, where this rarely occurs). Also, there are many more surface nerves in the feet compared to the legs, and the nerves are often located right next to the veins.  So any vein treatment on the feet is more likely to be associated with the risk of nerve damage.  For those reasons, is has higher risk of poor cosmetic results and complications than treatment of leg veins.  Occasionally for severe cases of varicose veins of the feet I will offer injection sclerotherapy, but only when the patient understands the risks ans is willing to take those extra risks. 

The risks would be higher in treating varicose veins than spider veins, but both are associated with the same general risks.

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Varicose veins of the foot - Buffalo Niagara Vein Treatment Specialist

There are treatment options for varicose veins of the foot including microphlebectomy of the larger veins and foam sclerotherapy for the smaller and more abundant veins. 

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