Vein between eyebrows hit with restalyne. Protocol was given now wondering about heal time an sun exposure?

Vein between eyebrows was hit with restalyne. Doc dissolved filler 3 days post application and prescribed pred and antibiotic for a week . Still have purple vein marks. Will they go away and when? I have a cruise booked should I stay out of the sun? Doc is board certified and I am her only vein hit in over 12 years unlucky me!!

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Rarely does the area between the eyebrows require fillers, the 11's are usually adequately treated with Botox/Xeomon/Dysport.  If persistent 11's require fillers, very rarely does this region bruise with fillers or botox.
It sounds like you have a superficial vein clot/damage.  My opinion is it will likely be 4-6 weeks before the purple veins marks go away, if not longer.
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Dr. Tony Perkins.

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