Is It Ok to Sleep on the Side with the Cheek Pressed Against Pillow/arm After Restylane Injection?

Since I can't fall alseep in any other position than on my side/stomack I have slept with my cheeks pressed against my pillow or even arm after Restylane injection in my cheeks. It is the third day now and one of the cheeks looks a bit flatter than the other (exactly on the side I tend to sleep on much more). Could that have resulted from my arm pressure that the Restylane has somehow flattened out or dropped/moved because of my sleeping habits?

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Is It Ok to Sleep on the Side with the Cheek Pressed Against Pillow/arm After Restylane Injection?

It's okay to sleep on your cheek after fillers, there is always asymmetry in the face. I suggest you give it a full 2-3 weeks for the swelling to settle before seeing your final result.

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Can Restylane move in sleep

Unless you are sleeping on a board or with a flat weight on your face it is very doubtful that the unevenness in your Restylane is from your sleeping angle. Almost everyone has asymmetry to begin with so often people will have asymmetric swelling because as injectors we try to compensate for that. After 10-14 days your swelling overall should resolve and you can see how everything looks.

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Filler in cheeks and positioning

I suppose it is possible, but not very likely unless you were constantly pressing on it in your sleep. Remember there is always asymmetry in the face. One cheek is always larger due to underlying bony and soft tissue differences.

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