Does V Beam Remove Old Red Acne Scars?

I had 4 fraxel laser treatments 3 months ago and to be honest I have not seen much improvement in scars and more to that redness makes scars really worse and visible. I will be happy if atleast redness is removed.I am not sure if the problem is with my skin. Does Vbeam remove acne scar redness for any skin type. How many treatments would be necessary to remove atleast 70 to 80% redness?

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VBeam can treat acne redness

Yes, the VBeam can effectively treat the persistent redness that sometimes follow a breakout.
The treatment does involve lightly bruising the areas for the best results.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Pulsed dye laser and red scars

Red scars on the face and body can be improved with the pulsed dye laser which is a great vascular laser to reduce rednesss on the skin.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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V-Beam is fantastic for acne scars

I find the V-Beam amazing for removing the redness out of acne scars.  For depressed scars, the Fraxel laser can be treated afterwards.  If the redness is your concern, then V-Beam is the treatment that you should consider.  FInd a dermatologist who has alot of experience in cosmetics and lasers as well.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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VBeam for red scars

VBeam laser treatment  usually helps reduce redness in the skin, including in acne scars. The totanl number of treatments you require is difficult to predict without actually seeing your scars but you should expect visible improvement after the very first treatment. VBeam actually canalso help improve active acne. Fraxel is not intended to remove redness but to improve the texture of skin.

David Van Dam, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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