I Had 4 Veeners Place 4 Months Ago & One Feels Sensitive & When Flossing, I Can Feel the Top Veneer?

When i went for the final appt. to have them bonded and went home that day they felt tight and secured on my real teeth for a mo .Now its been 4 mos. since then and when i floss they feel a bit loose and 1 veener feels more sensitive & weaker then the other 3. I went to the Dentist & she took X-rays & checked them & said they were fine i just know attention is needed. Also, is it normal to feel poping? and when saliva forms in the front is it okay to suck it back using my front veener teeth?

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Veneer does not feel right!

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After 4 months after your veneers were placed, they should feel as natural as your own teeth. It is NOT normal for  VENEER  to feels loose, sensitive when you floss and mak a popping noises. Your veneers could be failing due to an open margin or poor placement. Make an appointment with your dentist and have it redone.  An xray will not always show  if the veneer is failing.

Van Nuys Dentist

A loose and sensitive veneer done only four months ago is definitely not "fine."

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Your description of a sensitive veneer when flossing, a loose sensation and a "popping" feeling is not normal and , in my opinion, could be a veneer that may have an open margin or failure of the luting composite under the veneer, which can happen if there was some contamination or a poor fit of the veneer during placement. Furthermore, an X-ray of the tooth is often not diagnostically useful in determining this.

My veneers are sensative

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In most cases its not the veneer that is sensitive but the tooth under it. if on a pain scale of 0-10 with 10 being the worse in most cases the tooth will need a root canal please review with you dentist. As far as saliva sucking through teeth in most cases its means the contacts may be off again please check with your dentist good luck Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA,MAGD    CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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It is NOT usual to hear "popping". Also, the Veneer should not feel sensitive. It is OK to suck the saliva between your teeth. If the Veneer continues to be sensitive while flossing see your or another dentist again.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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