How much time is needed between Laser Genesis and Excel V treatments if done together?

I have acne scars and and excess redness on my face. I wanted to know if they can be done together. Ive read that excel V is done between 6-8 weeks and laser genesis is between 2-4 weeks. Is is possible that laser genesis can be done between excel v treatments? And if so, how much time is needed between the two procedures?

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Genesis with Excel V

I offer these treatments and frequently mix them together in a single session to give faster results in appropriate patients. I will assume you are having the 532 excel v treatment followed by the Genesis V. 

In those cases I break up the treatments so that the 532 is given once a month and the genesis every 2 weeks. The 532 should have about 4 weeks of time between sessions while the genesis v can be given every 2 weeks. So its 532+Gen - 2 weeks later- only genesis - 2 weeks later 532 + Genesis- 2 weeks later only Genesis and so on. Normally a total of 5-6 sessions

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Excel V with Laser Genesis timing

I have done these every 2 weeks without difficulties. I don't think waiting 6-8 weeks is needed. I use the Gentle Waves to take some of the redness down after each case.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Laser Genesis and Excel V

you can do these treatments as early as every few weeks.  I suggest you speak to your physician about their long term treatment plan for you.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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