How can I help the swelling caused by Excel V Beam?

I had excel v beam yesterday (Friday). I woke up today and am so swollen my eyes are almost shut! Its Saturday, and I am panicking because I can't miss work Monday. My dr said to expect "slight swelling" but never mentioned anything like this. In fact he told me I would be fine for the plans I had for tonight (Saturday)! What can I do to help the swelling go down, and will I be okay for work on Monday, which is I guess Day 4?

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Excel V and V beam Swelling

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The Excel V and V Beam both can cause swelling which will resolve in 7-10 days.  Cold compresses and oral diuretics help.  If really bad, oral or IM steroids.  Please speak to your physician.  To note, the Excel V and V Beam are different devices so I suggest you ask your physician which one you had as you overlapped the devices in your question.  Im finding even better success with the ProYellow for my facial redness. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Ice, ice, ice

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Ice 10 min on per hour every hour you are awake for 1-2 days. Avoid anything that may make you bruise- swell, this includes Asprin, NSAIDS, fishoils etc... 

Ice is the key. Sometimes I give stat (one off dose) prednisone 50 mg. Really depends. 

Dr Emer has a point with the yellow diode 810-830 nm light- we are doing some studies with a similar device called Lutronic- same yellow wavelength. Studies to date seem promising. 

Dr Davin Lim 
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